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Made in Venice...


Choose the Vibe you want to FEEL in your Life...

Limited Edition

Painted Energy Art Bottles

were made to enhance life through colors, which favor our energy.

They were also specifically created to reduce plastic trash all around the globe.


By taking care of our water, we take care of ourselves as living beings on this planet, also the most vulnerable beings : poor people and animal which completely depend on our mass behaviours and individually, our life habbits.

Simple example : If I buy a plastic water bottle every day that becomes trash when the water is finished, I create trash of 30 plastic bottles in a month, 360 in a year. You'd say, ok, big deal.

Ok now if millions of people do this individually, we obtain... a massive catastrophe : islands of trash.

Some already have a name ! GPGP.

« The mass of the plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) was estimated to be approximately 80,000 tonnes, which is 4-16 times more than previous calculations. This weight is also equivalent to that of 500 Jumbo Jets. The center of the GPGP has the highest density and the further boundaries are the least dense. »


It is time we change our habits : at the restaurant, bar, you can refuse plastic bottles and always carry your Energy art Bottle or any steel bottle. You can always carry your fabric bag with you. I sell some here below...

And many other creations which are beneficial to our planet, to ourselves and some of the selling price goes to organisations defending water, human rights and ecology. You can find more on this in the Blog area.

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Tote Bags

Printed Paintings Made in Venice...

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