Do you ship internationally ?

Yes I do! I regularly ship paintings all over the world and will provide you with a tracking number so that you can track your parcel as it makes it way to you. Please note there may be a small chance that a parcel could get stuck at customs for up to 6 weeks. This is very rare and unfortunately completely out of my control. Any taxes or duties are at expense to the purchaser.

Do you take commissions ?

I do and I am thrilled to discover your ideas and how I can enhance them on canvas.

Do you accept returns ?

I aim for all information, photographs and shipping information to be as accurate as possible. I am available for more photos if you would need a better view before you actually buy the painting or print. Therefore all sales are final, except in the case of damage. If your painting has been damaged, if able, make the courier aware upon receipt. You can email me at with any problems regarding your order and I will try my best to rectify any issue.

How to take care of paintings / prints ?

Light and humidity are a painting’s worst enemies, so bear both in mind when deciding where to hang any artwork. Position it out of direct light, taking special care not to hang it opposite any windows (If you are hanging a painting in a position where it is hit by direct sunlight for a large part of the day, then you might want to consider having it framed with a glass that protects it from UV light). Other spots to avoid include over a fireplace (because heat and soot tend to rise), and near any bathroom or kitchen sink or stove (because the steam from showers can lead to dampness, warping and even fungus growth). Keep your paintings clean by regularly dusting them gently with a dry cloth, and ensure that any hooks used for hanging are firmly secured to a wall stud. After a few years, a thin layer of varnish might be useful. There are many links and videos on the internet telling how to varnish and with which material. In doubt, I'm available to help you in the process. If storing your artwork, please place in a firm poster cylinder taking care only to handle the work with gloves, to avoid damage from acid in fingers ; you can even add glazed paper or a plastic sheet before rolling the painting so the paint does not glue to the fabric.

For media inquiries or collaborations please email me at  

All artworks are copyright of CeliA Soto and no images are to be used without my consent. I retain the full rights to all artworks, whether sold or commissioned, (unless purchaser has specifically paid for copyrights to image). No artworks are to be reproduced in any way, unless by me, the artist. No artworks are to be recreated and sold. If you are unsure of a copyright issue, please email me at for more information.