Celia Soto travels the world to live in places with water and paints water.

Ecology warrior 

Environmental Protection

Autodidact oil painter. 

Mostly influenced by the impressionist paintings of her great-grandfather Louis Maréchal, which are in every houses of her Belgian family. Observing and touching the paintings throug her childhood has been a personal art academy. Also half Spanish, she mixed cultures and travel from an early age ; this fact emerges artistically through music as a singer, author, compositor.


Her main subject is WATER, which colours and movements are her greatest inspiration… Water in the city, the Seas, rivers, canals, oceans, sunsets... Water is Life and must be protected. Through art she shares her focus in order to actively elevate awareness.


Her style is characterized by varying reliefs : compact amounts of paint applied with spatula, forming an exquisite flow of coulours allowing the paint itself to create its own patterns, still silky guided with brushes... The painting then shows a perfect balance between subtle softness and powerful thickness, controlled action and daring freedom ; a beautiful dance between mediums and the painter. Art has been an amazing teacher to live Life.


In order to achieve the natural light found in nature she had to create her own colours using specific pigment tones. Her main colours are blues, turquoises contrasted by creamy pastel, fluorescent oranges, pinks and the unmissable gold.


Another important source of inspiration would be Feelings, also linked to water in the collective unconscious, the dream state... As humans are feeling beings, sometimes tending to forget about this huge fact, her artistic lifestyle puts back into balance this important link to Life.


These last ten years, she's been traveling and creating in cities with water like Valencia (Spain), Brussels, Ostend (Belgium), Venice (Italy)...

For the moment, she's painting a Serie called Tramonti Veneziani, Venetian Sunsets, showing a melange of pinks, purples, turquoises and blues reflecting on the Venetian sea...


Next exhibition : Venice, April 2020

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