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Oil Painter

Singer, Songwriter

Feelings and Water Activist




CeliA Soto


Art, a key to our feelings, to Life.

Oil paint, gold leaves, scriptures, subtle light-reflecting pigments, composing a special energy, visible and non-visible, easing our way towards feeling our feelings. Indeed, feelings can get blocked in our bodies, for a few hours or for generations.

Through creation, I found my way out of the fog, out of denial and started to give space to my feelings, to myself. I started to live a REAL Life. I profoundly think that Artistic expression is essential for the wellbeing of our society.


Grandly inspired by water, Source of emotions.

In the last decades, I've been living in Brussels, Ostend, Valencia and Venice : Always near water, as an ever-giving presence, inspiring and comforting, to alleviate loneliness.

I paint water, dance as water, sing with water. I feel it through my senses since childhood and emphasize its deific status through creation, so we humans start feeling it in a new way and so, remember to take care of it and of ourselves, as we eventually are 75% water. Water is Life ! Our capacity to Love is connected to the way we treat water. Everything is interrelated as We are ONE.


My creations vary in styles depending on life and what I want to express. The unifying thread is made of radiant colors, softly contrasting with pastel tones in an atmosphere conveying Peace, Love, Beauty, Strength, Understanding and Power, to enhance my – and therefore our – Life experience.

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