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2015 - 2020

You can Listen to my "Maquette" and part of concerts from 2016 on Soundcloud !


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My Band in Valencia, Spain


I started with Besugo in 2014 while they were recording an album, Noves Tradicions. At that time I was singing in 2 other bands. After a concert they asked me to record chorus for them. I loved their music and especially their amazing good vibes which is exceptional ; maybe this is why BESUGO has been existing for more than 20 years ! These are loving and caring people and I love them so much... MY FAMILYMUSIC, THANK YOU.

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Altre Mon.jpg

I drew the covers... I started in Venezia, Italy, and finished them in Belgium.

The album was recorded in Rockaway studios, in Castelló, Spain and my voice in BTK studio Bandstrack, in Belgium.

Even from 'far' we continue making music together. LOVE is powerful. MUSIC IS LOVE. ART UNITES. ONE LOVE.

Here, a video of the recording process... Enjoy !


noves traditions.jpg

Our first Album together... Noves Tradicions

Amazing Spanish Folklore mixed with rock, Ska, ... Stories through the Valencian landscapes 'n  We sing in Valenciano

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