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From Venice with Love !

Fine Shopper bag to bring with you everyday.

Doesn't hold space in your bag and very light, fine fabric.


Amazing view from la Laguna di Sant'Elena, Venezia.

From the painting TRAMONTO VENEZIANO (Venetian Sunset)

See the Paintings from Venice here.

In short, we desperately need to reduce human plastic consumption. Bringing a fabric bag with you is a habbit that needs to become the new way of life. When you want to buy anything, you are always ready and don't need to buy a plastic bag.

Let's be conscious, let's SAVE THE OCEANS, the PLANET, our EARTH... And so, we take care of ourselves. This is the new way of Life. 

VenetiAn Sunset Tote Bag


    To wash, simply leave them in a bowl with water and soap for the night. Next day they're clean !

    (If you put them in the washing machine, their colors fade and texture changes a bit)

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