From Venice with Love

Those thick Shopper bags in order to forget about plastic bags.


This is a print of the painting ALGAE, made in Venice. You find these seaweeds everywhere in the canals. The contrasted dark green on this pastel blue green water, with a touch of gold here and there. This is Venetian Natural Chic !

The Algae 'Undaria Pinnatifida', came from Japan to France in a Cosmetic industry business. French brought it to Venice and the seaweed decided to stay in this amazing city...

In short, we desperately need to reduce human plastic consumption. Bringing a fabric bag with you is a habbit that needs to become the new way of life. When you want to buy anything, you are always ready and don't need to buy a plastic bag.

Let's be conscious, let's SAVE THE OCEANS, the PLANET, our EARTH... And so, we take care of ourselves. This is the new way of Life. 


ALGAE Tote Bag


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