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🌟Farolas di notte ~ Lanterns in the night 🌟

I painted this view from my window in my 1st Venetian home three years ago.

I only show it now because I'm litterally emerging of a cycle of my life, this chrysalis period and now I feel it's the right time to share it with you.

It is my first dark painting... Usually I always paint with so much white, turquoises, blues and here, as it was the night, I did use so much black. In this period, I had to enter my shadows. I had to face some facts, difficult truths, childhood wounds, ...

Here comes the story...

🌟CHRYSALIS🌟💗part 1/6🌊

When I went to Venice 3 years ago, I entered an emotionally very difficult period of my life.

I was living the dream of going to live in this amazingly unique city and paint there but I was also finishing my older life: older habbits, older ways of being, older connections to people...

I entered a transition time, my older self dying to become a new version of me.

This chrysalis period took a long time, 3 years, a process... And with Covid, it enhanced our deepest urges to find ourselves even more. 👏🏼We human beings needed this!

I could say I had started "covid ways" 3 years ago, so when we all went into confinement, I was almost glad to feel I wasn't the only one diving deep at home with myself. 😁 Solidarity guys!

It has been very tough and challenging, I felt so alone, so sad, so not supported by the people I thought would have...

But there, in the middle of what seemed like emptiness, I found ME! 🥰

And I started a new relationship with myself, not the one that had been imposed on me by family, at first, and then by friends, lovers, the rest of my life...

But rather a new beautiful way of seeing myself for who I was and surrendering to my needs against all judgment, internal and external. I started to let myself BE who I needed to be. I started to take care of me as I desperately needed me, my own way.

All those years I had accepted other people's ways that were not good for me. Good for them maybe but not at all for me. I needed to save myself from this hole I was falling in... A life that was not mine.



🌟CHRYSALIS🌟💗part 2/6🌊

When I arrived to Venice, I was living in Zattere, on a rooftop, in my 'lil studio-flat.

Zattere is the southern part of Venice, the place for Chic Art lovers.

There you can find mythical places like the Peggy Gugenheim's museum, the Hilton Hotel, many art galleries, murano glass pearls shops, la Chiesa della Salute (Emblematic Church), La punta della Dogana... con le mostre del Palazzo Grassi.

In Zattere, which means raft, you can also sit on the shore and watch an amazing sunset view almost every day. In the horizon you see the industrial districts of Marghera, a town on the mainland.

Zattere has a fascinating energy, far from the narrow Venetian streets and the multitude of tourists, you have this open view on the canal. In front of it, you can see another island, la Giudecca and this is actually the island I painted. Zattere is a neighborhood from Venezia from where I could see this splendid view from La Giudecca.😂Now it's clear.

I was glad to arrive and live directly in this neighborhood.

I had my warm and cosy home-studio with this magical and dreamy view, especially by night.

I had to climb on a chair to see it though😂, but, what a view!!!

It's a treasure I cherish.

I stayed many hours watching it, singing, smoking cigarettes while dancing (yeah on the chair) and painting it...

She became my best company and I'll never forget how Venice took care of me, as she always did even other times I went.

It still makes me emotional to think about her and how much I love her... Yes, the feeling a city can convey to you. It's just magical✨

This view of Venice by Night because in these months, I was mostly living by night.

The conforting sense of deep calm that fills you when everyone is sleeping...

I was there, FEELING, with all my heart, BEING with all my Soul...

More alive than ever.

I needed to be alone to let myself be born again🌟


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