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EXPO - My Water Period

You're invited to see my Water Period paintings at the BRYC

You'll see there : The MDN Serie - (Mer du Nord: Oostende, Westende, ...) The MDN Abstractions The ones made in Venice, Brussels and Canarias.

and the exhibition continues until December the 3rd.

I'll be there on the night of the opening of course but the other days I'll pass by sporadically. This might be the last opportunity to see them all together. Feel free to swim into my "Water art" which has been my biggest inspiration until now. Water is vital to live at a physical level and Art is vital to live in an emotionally safe world. Art is a universal language that binds us all and is greatly needed especially when some people, even heads of countries, find priorities in domination and wars ! And sadly this happens also, at a softer level, in our small circles - family, work... Art is greatly needed especially in our kind of societies... Art helps us exist as we feel again. Art is a bridge between the creator and the observer / the public. This invisible bridge lightens dormant parts of the brain, helps our feelings to find their way out instead of being blocked - crystalized in traumas or physical diseases. The fact of being seen, listened to, is the invisible vital bridge. I SEE YOU - I LISTEN TO YOU - I AM THERE WITH YOU NOW This is HEALING. This is what makes us live, really live, conscious, no automation. It creates real connection with yourself and so with people. Go and see original art, talk about it, exchanging with people. No need to have an art degree to feel it ; I don't have it and I feel it so deeply. This is what I want to convey to you : a welcoming field of art. Anyone can be touched or numbed by an art piece. Anyone can like or dislike a creation, a color, a song, a sculpture, a movie... That's why art is completely subjective. It shouldn't be an elitist field as it has always been until recently, when people declare what art is or isn't... The elitist Art World is a reflection of our society that shuts down feelings and we see how the world goes. Let's change this ! Let's make art part of our daily life as it helps us finding ourselves and be more authentic... Let's dare to create. Art can be seen in a dish, in gardening, sewing, massaging, painting, swimming, walking, breathing, dancing... How do you feel like expressing yourself ? We need authenticity, real people, free emotions !

Thank you for being here with me on this journey towards authenticity. We make this world a better place. Thursday, at the opening, come to me I'll give you a token for a free drink and... Just OBSERVE the paintings, OBSERVE what happens inside you, see the water in the canal outside, ... FEEL, sit back and relax.

BRYC - Brussels Royal Yacht Club

BRYC is a marina with a capacity of over 200 sailboats and motorboats. A future nautical hub for the Brussels-Capital region, according to the canal zone urbanization project. The BRYC is also an authentic clubhouse, with a bar-restaurant where we'll welcome you for the Vernissage on THURSDAY the 16th. I'll be there to greet you: come to me to receive your free drink token. The BRYC is also a sailing school, a Racing Team. Come and recharge your batteries in this special nautical atmosphere, and rediscover the magic of the legendary B.R.Y.C. and its splendid clubhouse.

Open everyday of the week from 11h to 23h and until 16h on Sundays. Chaussée de Vilvoorde, 1, 1020 Bruxelles Vilvoordsesteenweg 1, 1020 Brussel (Naast / près de Docks)

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