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Art Fair, Belgian Art @Gildenhuis (Gent)

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

I'm very excited to be part of this Art Fair, among 25 other artists of different disciplines.

We're going to travel together through 200 different artworks...

September is starting by a collaboration with ARTpoint, the organiser of the event.

I'll be presenting my🌊Sea Inspirations I painted on the beach in Oostende, at the Belgian Coast, while I was living in the highest tower of the city, the famous EuropaCentrum.

I did a three months self-declared Art Residence there (before going to live in Venice). I was living high in the sky with a direct open view on the SeA.

I was sharing the flat with another famous Belgian artist Fabiaan Van Severen. In this period, he was making his boat to travel around the world and I was painting.

There was a lot of fog this year...

The coincidence was that when I started my Art journey, a long time ago, when I went to live in Valencia, Spain, I called my business BecauZe of the Fog ...

🌫️ And there I was, when I decided to spend 3 months in Ostend to paint, surrounded by fog :) 🌫️

After this, I went to live in Venice, Italy and as I arrived in February, it was completely foggy also !😅 I love life's synchronicities !

It has been an adventure. Some days I would paint on the beach, some others in the tower... But the sea is the main actress in the show.

I guess so much fog, so much grey and white made me want to see very bright colors. So I started to create my own oil paint in order to achieve the vibrance I needed.

You know each color has energy, a vibe (everything has actually). So I guess sometimes we need to see some bright shiny colors.

In these paintings, the paint is mixed with fluorescent pigments, so they glow under a Ultraviolet lamp. My paintings completely change under this light.

They glow in the dark and it's beautiful.

The ones painted on the beach still carry a bit of sand on them and all of them have been painted with sea water from the North Sea... They are infused with Sea energy...🌊

You are invited to see my Sea Abstractions and many other artworks and artists on the weekend of the 10th and 11th of September 2022, from 10h to 19h.

Exporuimte Gildenhuis,

Loofblommestraat 10,

9051 Gent

If you wish to receive a free entrance with cava, you can contact me...

I might have one left for you 😊

I'll be happy to see you there.


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