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La BienveillAnce✨

💗La Bienveillance = to see someone with kindness, benevolence, compassion, tenderness, to be well-meaning, good will...

To see someone with a caring eye ; to take care of the other's feelings and well-being.

With la bienveillance, there's a good intention, an anticipation of the good I feel for you, the good I want you to have in your life, from me and from all possible sources.

This is love meaning well.

There's a distance as I respect your space and you mine. Everything doesn't depend on me: I'm not the one who will make you happy. I'm not that important so you become too dependent on me, although I want to be a great contribution to your happiness.

It's more like a humble way of seeing you flourish, and you wish the same for me.

It's the opposite of competition, dependance, egoism, cruelty, vengeance, power struggles or feeling-manipulation to make you feel lack, jealousy, stupid, not enough, sad then happy, ...

It's the opposite of a hidden agenda. It's being honest with ourselves and thus with the other.

It's more like a smooth allowing of our mutual well-being.

Taking you into account, seeing you, caring for you... Because I know that our wellbeing is intricately linked.

Your happiness makes me happy, even if I might not get exactly what I wanted but let's find better ! Let's be creAtive !

This is Communication: this is space and time for the both of us to exist and find a balance between both our desires. A subtle equilibrium based on the

fluffy cotton-feeling of love... 💗

This Bienveillance is now Key in my relationships.

It has been lacking too much in my past.

I had to learn what it was as I haven't been shown enough in my early years. Most of us didn't. We humans need to expand into gentleness. We need to feel it more towards ourselves in order to be able to give it to as many human beings as possible.

I see myself now with Bienveillance.

I learned how to be bienveillante with myself.

Now I can give it to others also.

For bienveillant relationships! 🥳🎈

La Bienveillance ? What would be the word in English?... I tried to find one that puts all of the mentioned meanings but as I couldn't, the French word will do. You know a new beautiful word. Let's use it now :)

Do you feel this Bienveillance in your relationships ? Do you feel some might be added ?

Don't you think we have to learn how to be more like it ? Or were you lucky enough to get it at an early age ?

Let me know in the comments below !

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