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The city full of Lampposts 🥰

If you know me, you know I just LOVE lampposts :

FAROLAS (Spanish)


LAMPIONI (Italian)

LANTAARN (Nederlands)

They're magical✨

How a simple object can bring you to another Era by just Being there?

🌌An old style lamppost


🌆Venice, a city, which has been the same for centuries and yet, lies there before our eyes...

You know this "poetic effect" they convey ? It's the "time-passing effect" they have on us. Time passed, but they remained. These object remain and are out of time. Lovely feeling💗

This night view of La Giudecca, Venice, is very symbolic to me cause of the many old street lamps. Lanterns... but what a sight they offer ! 🌌 The enigmatic winter night view of La Giudecca.

If you haven't been to Venice yet, I suggest to you to go and stay on la Fondamenta Zattere at night watching this view on a full moon... AAAHHHHH

Even in the winter, on a foggy night... unbelievable.

Well, I started in my teens painting my first street lantern without light.

But emitting a shadow...

(as a friend made me realize)

When I arrived to Venice, it was full of old streetlamps, only those kind, everywhere🥰 AAAAAAHHHH😂❤️

I needed Venice to help me turn on my light. And it did.

I then started to paint other lampioni... With lights on, others without any, others disappearing in the Fog... There I understood completely the deep meaning these lanterns had for me.

As I evolved in my emotional and spiritual life I started to feel better and painted this :


I had so many synchronicities about this word and its meaning I started to paint with it in mind. It's not finished yet as it evolves through life...

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