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This painting is one of the 1st I ever painted... At my parent's home in Brussels when I was in my teens. It's very symbolic and I didn't realise it by then but now I understand I painted the feeling I was experiencing back then.

From darker blues to the light

Esta Noche no alumbra la Farola del Mar

Esta Noche no alumbra porque no tiene Gas

Tonight the Sea lamppost has no light

Tonight it has no Light because there's no Gas

These are the lyrics of a Spanish Folkloric song . As a child I read it in a book. So I invented the notes as I only had the lyrics (and no internet ;)

There was a black and turquoise illustration of a lamppost in the night which fascinated me as a child. Old lampposts, in general lanterns, Farola is the word in Spanish.

I even wanted a Farola in my room but in the end my parents found it too difficult to do.

Anyway, this light off lamppost became a symbol of how I was feeling... and still I was emitting a shadow.

Throughout the years I've been painting more of them on other formats.

As I was evolving and becoming freeer in Life my Farola became illuminated.

In my paintings, usually Farolas represent people. But also the dreamy, oldfashioned, poetic effect a lamppost has ona view is magical.

I've had many synchronicities and signs with them.

For example, I've been very much impacted by the Chronicles of Narnia, 'The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe'. The wardrobe is actually the entrance from our human world to a magical world Narnia which starts with a lampost in the night surrounded by snow. Actually the lamppost is the entrance to our world from Narnians persperctive.

When farolas appear in my paintings, you know now with certainty there's a symbolical explanation there to mix with the rest of the painting...


A painting still in progress that I started in Venice and will be finished............... we don't know yet. It evolves with my life.



This is a watercolor I did while living in Spain, (2015) when I litterally had my creative explosion and started my painting and singing career.

I was starting to be me, the real me.

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