At the North Sea, la Mer du Nord,

Colours can capture our attention and mesmerize it. It gives you a door to peace and eternity... When the wind blows everything comes into motion and flies.

At this moment, I was in one small wooden house on the beach... I was maybe the only one around in this month of June near Ostend. The wind was so present that I had to take my painting back inside the beach house. From there I could contemplate the amazing sunset and continued painting. 

The essence of this painting is a mix of strong creative energies... At this point I tried a new technique... It was not planned, wind was blowing hard, I was standing strong in my little hut, and there, in the dark of night advancing more and more I started to pour oil mixed with pigments... I didn't really know what was going to happen.

It was also a risky experiment... I knew not everyone might like the new fluorescent colours. But I felt like doing it this was so I did. And furthermore, if we risk in art, we can win. Same in life !

This painting is an open door to welcoming change in our life for a better and positive outcome. A fresh breeze blowing out the futile and leaving new vacant space for the new, the fresh and vibrant energies...

We shall not be afraid of vacant and empty new space for we know good will come. In confidence we decide the path on which we shall walk. Thank you for being so strong and creating this amazing life.

When the Wind Blows...

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    80x30cm / 31,4x11,8"

    Outdoor Painting : Oil Painting, sand and free pigments

    I prepare all my canvasses myself with a good quality linen fabric protected by a few layers of Totin glue, which is how the old masters were preparing their paintings through the centuries. These are natural products and by doing so, the process is ecological and we respect the planet.

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