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Sombra means shadow in Spanish.

Shadow flows.

This painting talks about our dark side, about what we do and are maybe ashamed of, or something we do not want to see or cannot see because of our family patterns, we prefer to stay unconscious, because so many act like this anyway... But what is they were wrong ?

The dark side, the "problematic" side for some is the liberation for you.

Actually the shadow is gold. Observe yourselve and see why you feel or act the way you do.

Amazing gold shining in the depth of ourselves... A key to understanding.

Let's embrace the shadow because it is who we are.

Sometimes we need to unlearn in order to find ourselves back and be authentic, no matter what others might object.


Embracing who we are is the only way to happiness and authenticity.

And once you find yourself completely, good and bad, yin and yang, YOU ARE and can flow through life. 

Let the water clean your body and soul... Let yourself go in the water and float, so light in your world calm and peace...

(See my song Because of the Fog...)



Sombra Flows


    70x50x3cm / 27,55x19,68x1,18"

    Linen canvas fabric prepared in the old master's way with a few layers of Totin glue. This natural medium is transparent and lets the beauty of the linen fabric appear, enhancing its quality. 

    The painting is on a wooden stucture which is a bit larger than the usual ones which gives it a deeper atmosphere.

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