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Sol de Medianoche was a turning point in my painting process.


These amazingly bright colours are REAL, no photoshop, no art tricks, these are the very true colours Nature offers to us.

I wanted to put these beautiful colours on canvas but with the paint available on the market I could not achieve such a degree of soft brightness and contrast.

So I decided to do my own.

I started to look for pigments, to mix and test, to buy my oil and mixing mediums... And I did achieve the same colour, this bright fluorescent pink-orange is a present from Nature. I am amazed at its Art and creation. The work of the painter sometimes just consists in observing and reproducing such wonders...

Sol de Medianoche


    40x60cm / 15,7x23,6"


    I prepare all my canvasses myself with a good quality linen fabric protected by a few layers of Totin glue, which is how the old masters were preparing their paintings through the centuries. These are natural products and by doing so, the process is ecological and we respect the planet.

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