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MDN OSTENDE 2018-2019

Amazing view from the famous tower facing the sea in Oostende where I have been living during three months in order to paint this Serie MDN. 

As I mostly painted on the beach, Sand, wind, water are mixed on the painting...

All this serie is made with special oil paint which if lit by a purple light (or UV light) reflects light in an amazing way.

If you didn't really believe Art transmits energy well now you can even see it.

The artwork's vibe changes completely while lit by a uv lamp...



    I prepare my own oilpaint color in a minutious research of special tones and vibrance...

    My canvasses are made of good quality linen fabric made in Holland, protected by a few layers of Totin glue, which is how the old masters were preparing their paintings through the centuries. These are natural products and by doing so, the process is ecological..

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