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This view has been my companion when I first arrived to live in Venice. I've been lucky enough to see it from my dormer window. I had to be on a chair to see it... So, I painted this view standing on a chair yes :) I did dance, sing, paint and admire the view on this chair...


When I arrived in Venice, it was February, winter, cold nights, not much going on in the outside world at night, but this view my god !


It is actually from the southern part of Venice, Zattere. From there, you can see La Giudecca, just in front of it. You need a boat or the vaporetto to cross the canal. 

If you go to Venice, I would suggest you go to see the sunset on this exact same place but then, after having eaten, you come back and see the view at night...

It is magical.



Miniature Farolas di Notte


    Oil painting on canvas glued on cardboard

    Outdoor painting


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