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For the first time in 2017, I went to live on the Belgian Coast for a few weeks in order to paint.

Through the centuries, Ostende has been an amazing place for artists... James Ensor, the famous Belgian painter comes actually from this city which has a mysterious and wonderful vibe to me.

This is my first painting painted there... First from a long list of new ones.

The sunset was beautiful. Those orange sunny colours reflecting into the deep see becoming slowly darker. The sky merges into the water, becoming one, ready to let the night enter the dance...

It was actually the first time that I realised how fast the landscape, the colours and shapes are changing ; from one second to the other the view was completely different ! There enters the magic of the painter who mostly captures an energy of nature in this present moment than the mere copy of nature...



    30x40cm / 11,8x15,7"

    Linen canvas fabric prepared in the old master's way with a few layers of totin glue. Oil painting letting the beautiful linen fabric appear on some spots ; you would actually confuse it with sand...


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