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This is my first outdoor oil painting ever !

There I started to understand what light meant, how colours evolve through the day, how blue can be red... There I understood that after looking at the sea for hours, you see it better, you understand more the art of life.

Look at the painting long enough and you will see the red colour just on the verge of the sea. Amazing isn't it ? Well, I did not invent anything, Nature did. The great of the greatest artist is definitely Nature. Call it Nature, God, the Universe, the Vortex, Allah, Bouddha, Jah, ... It is a creation, it is ART. And through observation you learn so much about how things are, and maybe how humans also...

I lived a few years in Valencia, in Spain. There I discovered the amazing chance to live near the sea. What an amazing surrounding.

Mar Valencia


    Oil painting and sand on a treated wood.

    18,5x17cm / 7.28x6.69"

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