One of my first paitings...

There I realised I was talented. Nobody around me saw it but the painting talked for itself. It was actually difficult to realise it though because nobody  aknowledged what I was doing.

You see, in Art, the relation with the public is essential.

First of all, in relationships with people and with ourselves, we influence each other. We listen to each other and we answer ; we express needs and this is how they can be met ; we express what we are in a certain way, this makes us unique and wonderful beings.

If the person with you does not pay attention and ignores the core of who you are, there is no intimity and there can be no creation then.

A connection must happen for the creation to exist.

When you are seen, aknowledged for who you are, a story can unfold between you and the other person. A sparkle of life begins and a fire may ensue if both of you put energy.

What you express, what you have to say, what you show to the world, is your personality, your identity. If you are true to yourself and the world, you will attract other people who are in the same vibe.

If you wear a mask and act to please or to follow what society tells you to do, you will engage in relationships with people who are wearing that same mask too.

If you happen to be with people who do not appreciate you, who do not give you real value, or treat you as if you don't really have some, then you better change of people.

We need people who uplift each other. We need to pay attention to what others have to say but we also need to pay attention to what we, ourselves have to say. This balance creates the sparkle, the art of love, of exchanging, of commuticating with each other.

Lugar Especial


    60 x 40cm / 23.62 x 15.74"

    Coton canvas 

©2020 CeliA Soto - BecauZe of the Fog 霧, all rights reserved.

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