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This amazing Flow of energy emanates from our deep nature...

All the conscious and unconscious ; let it flow !

Let's see what Life can bring us,

Let those feelings out,

Let those inner needs emerge from the core of your soul,

Let those deep desires coming from childhood arouse...

Let's live following this intuition of ours.

Intuition is not a magical thing some select people might have,

no, intuition is your deepest way to live life.

Intuition is your connected soul, connected to Nature because, we are all connected through vibrations, remember ? Sometimes science is not so far from magic.

This connected soul of yours has always been there with you, aware, since we were born. It has some good knowledge and somehow, as we were babies, too busy discovering the new amazing world, this LIFE inside us, this connection to all what is, has always been there. It knows more than we do.

We can learn to listen to this inner wisdom.

For this, we have to stop controlling and just be, just breathe, just flow and see what happens...

Maybe our intuition is warning us of a danger, of something not useful for us, or telling us to follow a path, even if it is not very logical to our brain, we feel good chosing this path...

Our intuition is the little voice you hear of feel inside, very tiny... It grows louder as you listen more and more to it, you get better at it. Like everything in life : when you practice, you become better.

Following your intuition, you might not know where you go exactly, and this is frightening, but only daring to discover life you might find what you've been waiting for. Only trusting YOURSELF you might find exactly what YOU need. Not what society says you might need or do. You are your only master. Nobody can satisfy yourself more than yourself. Got it ?

Follow the flow of your inner guidance... Trust yourself : you know so much more than you think ! Start feeling babe ! Start flowing !





    I prepare all my canvasses myself with a good quality linen fabric prepared in the old Master's way with a few layers of Totin glue. It is transparent so we can see the beautiful fabric colour.

    Here some collages are underneath with hieroglyphs and gold paint. Some scriptures too... Secret messages full of energy. You can see some words appearing behind the paint... Find your way to your understanding. It's worth the trip ! :) 

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