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Danza de Fuego

Painting divided in two.

As you know, fire is a purifier.

Sometimes we need to purify our life... from people, behaviours, attachment, the past, ... so we can symbolically and energetically cut ties to old ways. "Partir en fumée", the energy transforms in smoke ; it becomes light and goes up into the air, purified... So we can be born again. So many lives, so many cycles in one life.

Impression of the sea from my Serie MDN ABSTRATION made on the beach in Ostend, Belgium. 


These colors... inspired by sunsets at sea, from Nature.

Just allow yourself to travel through this painting.

A Performance from Belgium, made in the warm summer.

A Vibe of fresh light, welcoming winds of blessings...

Danza de Fuego 1/2


    70x70cm / 27.55x27.55"

    I prepare all my canvasses myself with a good quality linen fabric protected by a few layers of Totin glue, which is how the old masters were preparing their paintings through the centuries. These are natural products and by doing so, the process is ecological and we respect the planet.


    You can see this painting at Balthasar Brussels.

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