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The first BIG size of the year ! 


First time I feel the Atlantic OCEAN this much and that I paint it.

I am amazed at colours of nature. I could never state it enough. What an art ! I try to bring those amazing shinities on canvas so we can all enjoy them too : at home, at work, in the city, we need Nature.

I let myself go in the process and let emerge what the colours and movements inspire me ; it becomes an act of love, merging into each other's art... A kind of relationship in a way between Nature and I.

I feel the ocean so much, through all my senses - the five we know and the others we did not name yet... I absorb as a sponge would do, I impregnate myself in it, litterally, mentallly, metaphorically... We become one... Some would say we are one already. But at this moment, I can definitely feel I am part of it, I am it, We are it, ...

It's a new magic. Sun, crabs surrounding me, rocks, strong splashy waves, amazing light, beautiful loneliness one day, fantastic being the other, pic nic, the word "farniente" is dancing in my mind... I am happy and so grateful. I choosed my place. I'm grateful to myself too.

Thank you LiFE for those amazing moments. Let them empower us.


When we look at this painting, we swim, we feel the peace, for a moment let's forget time and without pressure, we become creative and peaceful. Through it, we enter a world of harmony, joy and light...


Amazing turquoise colour...

Magical properties... Magical effects...




    2m30 x 1m50 / 90,55x59,05"

    Linen canvas fabric prepared in the old master's way with a few layers of Totin glue. This natural medium is transparent and lets the beauty of the linen fabric appear, enhancing its quality.

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