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Following my intuition I floated on the vaporetto, letting it decide of my destiny.

This is my way of travelling. The wind caressing my face, the bright sun making us happy I decide to put my foot on earth again in BURANO...

There a bunch of tourists and I come to see this island. I leave them behing penetrating into the narrow little streets... Far from the chaos of the venetian city, I found a deep silence and peace... And... bright, sparkling colours of the little houses. I did not expect this. What a beautiful surprise.

Of course I decided to paint this view imagining the life I could have here...

I started when it was still sunny but I finished the painting while the evening was coming. From the houses, smells of food are coming to me. I still have some of the typical Buranian buiscuit: Essi... It is delicious.

I'm sitting on a little bridge, water flows under me and a man has a barbecue going on. He's cooking food for his guests who are in the house. I hear them from far, cheering happily. I'm painting, delighted by the view, concentrated, smelling... I am happy and so peaceful.

Suddenly, the man comes and brings me un Aperol Spritz ! The typical Venetian drink.

He tells me : "Per la pittrice !" which means, "For the painter !"...


He goes back to his guests and closes the door. The calm returns, deeper...

I'm sipping this delicious sweet orange drink, I paint, the full moon watches me giving me some last rays of light...


Oil painting on canvas glued on cardboard

Outdoor painting


Made in Burano, Veneto, Italy and finished in Valencia, Spain.


Burano 'n Spritz

  • SOLD


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