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After a voyage in Venice, where I painted the miniature "Venezia è Mobile..."

I came back to Bruxelles where I drew "Bruxelles è Mobile..."

The conditions were similar... I was facing an amazing view on a canal, the weather was about to change drastically: you could feel this changing energy in the air. The sky was full and about to rain, but not yet...

The sun behind clouds was throwing amazing colours...

These conditions were perfect for a pink tainted sky with touches of orange, pastel yellow and turquoise.

I just love the colours of Brussels's skies at down. They definitely need to be observed and aknowledged !


This spot is famous to all "Bruxelleirs", name for people living here. This view of the Canal links Molenbeek-Saint-Jean and the city centre.

On the left side of the painting, you can see a bit of the historic site Tour-et-Taxis in French and Thurn-en-Taxis in Dutch (as we have two languages in Belgium, well even 3, with German, but we do not translate to this third language...) This special place was through the centuries an international Postal Service, a harbour and offers now offices, warehouses and international cultural and artistic events.

On the canal itself, on this very spot, you have many cultural events organized... Bruxelles les bains, artistic shows, exhibitions...

On the right side of the painting you can admire the old Citroën Car factory which has recently been closed. The Citroën building on Place de l’Yser is typical of the architecture of the inter-war period. It is distinguished by its curved lines and huge windows, as well as the use made of iron and glass by architects Alexis Dumont and Marcel Van Goethem. The panoramic building extends in the direction of both the city and the Canal. With its curtain walls, it illustrates the functionalist aesthetic of the 30s, and was described at the time as ‘the largest service station in Europe’.

For the moment, the Pompidou Modern Art Museum from Paris has its pop-up museum inside...


This place surprises and relaxes and it always feels so good to have water in the city.

This place will defeinitely surprise us more. To be continued...

Bruxelles è Mobile...



    Oil painting

    Linen canvas fabric prepared in the old master's way with a few layers of totin glue. Oil painting letting the beautiful linen fabric appear on some spots.

    Finition : Brilliant Varnish

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