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This afternoon of June, in Ostend, Belgium,

Mister Wind was there...blowing and blowing... Unexpectedly uninvited ! I was ready to paint, which means I had been preparing myself, the paint and my outdoor atelier for a while... And now that I am ready, Mister Wind enters the ball...

But still, I wanted to paint. So what could I do ? I decided it would be a small painting then ! Because a big one would have flown away ! Small ones I can paint them and hold them at the same time.

But oh, when the elements are so strong as Nature can be, you have to bow and accept their greatness and let them influence you, as much as you allow it to. How to accept and transform the situation until it suits us again?

Well this painting is a touch of me with a touch of Nature...

You can find quite a lot of sand on it, completely mixed with the paint ! Although, in the center, the gold paint is smooth so it gives the painting a delightful relief. This is because I had painted the gold layer before in Venice ! Yes those little miniatures canvasses accompagnied me in my many travels... It went back to Valencia in Spain and then to Belgium. 


It was quite amusing to do this painting ! And a bit tough too...

At that moment, I could chose between struggling against it and paint what I had in mind but this was not working, stop painting, go home and feel frustrated or paint WITH it.

This painting is a symbol of how to live Life when it does not happen as we had expected, how we can follow its stream and maintain our path at the same time... How to melt into Life's mold...

This painting is an invitation to the new, to the unexpected, to the 'unwelcome' surprise which might end up being very positive... In the end everything is working out for our highest good. If we want to trust and believe this, then it is going to be this way...

Let's trust Life and ourselves, while enjoying the process...

MAR AL VENT (Miniature)


    15x10cm / 5,9x3,9"

    Outdoor Painting

    Oil Paint, Acrylic Gold Paint and sand.

    Canvas glued on cardboard

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