This is an authentic representation of the river Selmo in the North of Spain.

This is the first time I sat down to paint in my village... Usually I go to the river to spend my day, relaxing, singing, writing, reading, bathing, sharing with nice souls, recovering from the unbalance life can bring...

Amazing nature we have here, amazing energy that can only be felt where you feel your roots.

Feeling the place where your ancestors have been living before you is important. By living in the place, you embrace yourself, your past, in order to be truely present and thus create an authentic future...


I wish you discover yours if it has not been done yet.


Being born in Belgium and going every year on holliday in Spain to find my father's side of the family, I felt I had to feel more of myself... there ?

I needed to live there longer than a few weeks per year. And I was scared to go and live a new life in Spain.

Usually what scares us to do is what we really need to do. It scares us because we are afraid to fail ; but what can we fail here ? We can only deceit ourselves by not following what is true for us.

I did it and it has been an explosion of my true self. I found out my reason to be on this earth, I found out I was an amazing source of creativity and that I had to live my life through creation, through art.

Face your fears ° Leave your confort zone and you will find your true self. There is time, there are no pressure. You are invited to the party of your own life. 

Good luck with this beautiful life of yours ! <3 

Roots - Arde o Riu !


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