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MDN OSTENDE 2018-2019

Impression of the sea from my Serie made on the beach in Ostend, Belgium. 

Sand, wind, water are mixed in the painting...

A light breeze, a foggy day, some shadows in the sky, some sunshine here and there... 

From my tower in Ostend, I had a lot of Fog this winter... It's interesting to realise that the year I decided to focus on my art more intensely I became surrounded by Fog.

I would think almost everyday to the name of my business BecauZe of the Fog... Then a few months later in Venice, same thing happened again.



    70x70cm / 27.55x27.55"

    I prepare all my canvasses myself with a good quality linen fabric made in Holland, protected by a few layers of Totin glue, which is how the old masters were preparing their paintings through the centuries. These are natural products and by doing so, the process is ecological and ethical.

    For this Serie, I made my own oilpainting colours in order to achieve these perfect shades...

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