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from the Serie Tramonti Veneziani = Venetian Sunsets in Italian
You have here amazing pinks, deep purples, perfect turquoises shining so bright, and so I have them in my mind.

As God is a Painter in the moment, I had to capture this infinite beauty so we can see it again and again and again... As a loop of continuous beauty that I stop only when we decide, right?
It's my beauty power in order to feel good in life.
Same goes with music, when I love a song, I can listen to it again and again so many times in a loop... It becomes like a trance at some point... 


Lido, the beach island from Venice, Italy. Amazing city, amazing soul... Centuries of astonishing history...

"Sometimes I need a moment.
To see clearly what is, really is ;
Right in front of me, but I was lost in my thoughts, I hadn't realized how clear everything was...
Sometimes I wish everything would be as clear as this amazing sunset.
Well, for me it is so amazingly Beautiful, I was SURE, CLEAR.
But for my friend, it was beautiful but not that big of a deal... Every sensibility is different, every person is a world. They see what I can't see for myself. I see what you can't see for yourself. And thanks to all of us, WE SEE CLEARLY!
Amazing Light, WE ARE ONE♾️
Sometimes, we need a moment to appreciate what is, to see what we cannot see when we go too fast... In our thoughts."


​​​​​​​🌅Tramonto Del Lido


    80 x 60cm / 31,49 x 23,6"
    Linen canvas fabric prepared in the old master's way with a few layers of Totin glue. This natural medium is transparent and lets the beauty of the linen fabric appear, enhancing its quality. The linen fabric appears almost always on the art piece, becoming a natural beige color and playing with the contrasted colors of the paint.

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