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MDN for Mer du Nord of course.


This miniature of the North Sea in Ostend, Belgium is the sparkling mix of a sudden need to be in nature and find my peace ; our inner nature.

I went there in the afternoon, not knowing where I was going to sleep but I went anyway to paint. I wanted to stay there until the next day so that when I would wake up, I would see the rest...

I started to paint as the sun was beginning its slow plunge into the sea : oranges reflecting on the blues... Beautiful light !

In the evening, I received a message saying that someone could host me. A beautiful soul offered me his house and a friendship unites us since then. He makes boats ; he's a wood sculptor, a Carpenter... What a beautiful occupation. Nowadays, I still go to paint the sea and sometimes I stay at his place.

The next day, I woke up rested, the sun was shining and I followed the smell of the sea. A cocktail of deep blues reflecting the white of the sunlight... Seagles around me, people stopping by, observing, relaxed and go... Beautiful exchanges in nature, near water...


If you are interested in purchasing both miniatures, you receive an advantageous discount : You can have them both for 1300€ !

MDN 1 - miniature


    10x10cm / 3,93x3,93"

    Linen canvas fabric prepared in the old master's way with a few layers of totin glue. Oil painting letting the beautiful linen fabric appear on some spots ; you would actually confuse it with sand... And a bit of sand for the real outdoor feeling Art.

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