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When I arrived for the second time in Venice, I was fascinated by the color of the water and its contrasts with these beautiful seaweeds dancing on the surface of water like mermaids hair...

This pastel green blue color has been a blessing to see everyday. A powerful day brightener I would say :) 

(The colour of water is changing and varies depending on the sun, the season, pollution, movements...)

In this painting I wanted to convey this effect, amplified with a slight touch of gold here and there to convey the light...

I've painted ALGAE, as you can see on the pictures below, at Zattere, on this little wooden bridge and at home.

This wooden bridge has made me feel many emotions... Appart from the amazingly beautiful view of La Giudecca, the island in front of it, the sea, sometimes unpredictable and capricious, was coming suddenly at me, splashing the painted seaweeds of my canvas with salty water !

The contrast between the dark green algae and the pastel blue green water is a powerful equilibrium which brings harmony ; characteristic of the balance nature creates in Life, a beautiful model to follow...



And here a bit more info over this Seaweed prensent in the Venetian Canals :

ᑌᑎᗪᗩᖇIᗩ ᑭIᑎᑎᗩTIᖴIᗪᗩ🍀🍃🌱🌊

also known as Asian kelp, grows up to three metres long, dwarfing the somewhat smelly but far smaller weed native to the Venice lagoon. It grows quickly, at a rate of up to one centimetre per day, matures after 40 to 60 days, produces millions of spores and can wipe out smaller, local weeds with ease. It also has a great talent for hitch-hiking on the hulls of boats; the only sure way of preventing it spreading, experts say, is to keep the undersides of boats immaculately clean.

Imported from China, Japan and Korea to France,  where it is grown for use in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, the weed apparently arrived then to Venice in the ballast of a ship - the weed's other preferred way of getting around. It established itself in the outer parts of the city, such as Giudecca, Arsenale and San Marco where the flow and replenishment of water is faster...



    70 x 50cm / 27,55 x 19,68"

    Linen canvas fabric prepared in the old master's way with a few layers of Totin glue. This natural medium is transparent and lets the beauty of the linen fabric appear, enhancing its quality. The linen fabric appears almost always on the art piece, becoming a natural beige color and playing with the contrasted colors of the paint.

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