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FloAtation SwirL... This unique sensation that you feel in water...

It is so relaxing ! Everything is fine ; let's be, let's flow, let's play, let's forget about past and future, let's be in the now, let's enjoy this amazing feeling. The feeling were born with...


As a child, did you play with your friends and family in the water ? Did you play alone in the water ?

Do you still play now in the water ? Do you spend time alone in the water ?

Does this painting remind you of something ?

It sure does to me... I was all the time in water in my small village in Spain, beautifully lost in Nature.

As adults we tend to forget to live through and thanks to our FEELINGS.

We've been raised to act "smartly",

Putting the mask of "normality",

Afraid of your own creativity... (lyrics of my song KARMA)

Not showing wat we feel to people, and worse, to ourselves, in order to fit expectations.

But the truth is, our society can be real and healthy only if we live according to what we really feel.

We need to take care of ourselves with attention, dedication, compassion and love. We still have this little child we once were in us. We just grew older and got taller with the experience which Life offers, but our way of thinking and feeling started in our very childhood and we still act through this filter. We still exist. We are the same person in a taller body, with experience and a more developped brain. Let's USE all this learning ! Let's not only follow what society tells us to do. We can listen to ourselves.

What we wanted as a child can still be true today. Of course, it may have changed also but you might know now what makes you happy, giggle, laugh, excited, grumpy, angry, sad, ....

Follow those feelings as children follow theirs. Observe how children live in the moment. As they experience happiness, they ARE happiness ; if it is sadness, they are the sadness. Sadness is not bad ; sadness is a feeling which let's you know something could be changed in order to find your balance again.

Let's dive deep into the feeling, into ourselves, into listening to ourselves. This is SELF LOVE.

And let's find harmony to guide our lives...

If it makes you feel good, it might be a good choice !

This painting helps you to enter your inner world, your deep feelings in order to interact with people in harmony and true to yourself...


Oil Painting on Canvas

Made in Valencia


Floatation Swirl

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